Do You Qualify

In accordance to the Belizean Nationality Act, Chapter 161 you may qualify for Citizenship once you have met one of the following criteria.

Citizenship by Registration

Guatemalan Nationals do not qualify for Belizean Citizenship through Registration.

Citizenship for Permanent Residence Holders

  1. You have been a holder of Permanent Residence for a minimum of 5 years.
  2. You have been resident continuously in Belize, this means that upon being granted Permanent Residency you have not resided outside Belize for periods that exceed thirty consecutive days or accumulate to a total of three months in any twelve month period.
You may be considered for qualification for Citizenship, if your purpose of extended travel was due to

  • the course of your employment in Belize
  • medical and health reasons

Citizenship through Marriage

  1. You are married to a Belizean National for a minimum of 1 year, whether the spouse was born in Belize or had acquired Citizenship before the time of marriage.

Citizenship by Descent

  1. You were born outside of Belize and one of your parents is a Citizen of Belize.
  2. You were born outside of Belize before Independence Day (21 September 1981) and one of your grandparents is a Citizen of Belize.
  3. You are a woman and were married before Independence Day (21 September 1981) to a Belizean husband.