Do You Qualify

Belize offers two types of Residence status, Permanent Residence and Temporary Residence.

Permanent Residence is for persons who want to make Belize their home and will be staying in country for long period of time.

Temporary Residence is for persons who have made or in the process of making a substantial commercial investment in Belize but due to commitments outside Belize cannot meet ordinary Permanent Residence restrictions.

Permanent Residence

For persons applying for Permanent Residence, you are required to

  1. Have been legally residing in Belize for a minimum of 1 year at the time of submitting your application.
  2. During this year you have not left the country for more than 14 days in total.
  3. You must proof to the Immigration Office that you have been and you will be able to continue being financially stable.
  4. You have not been convicted by a competent court in any country of a criminal offence for which yo may have been liable to a sentence of imprisonment of twelve month or more and has not received a free pardon in respect of the offence.

You may also be legible to apply for Permanent Residence if you entered Belize as a minor (under the age of sixteen (16)). This applies whether you have been legally or illegally residing in Belize for a period of at least ten (10) years.

Temporary Residence

A Temporary Residence status is given for a period of only one (1) year, and becomes renewable at the end of that given period.

For persons applying for Temporary Residence , you are required to

  1. Show evidence of investments in Belize valued at not less than five hundred thousand Belize Dollar – BZ$500,000.00.