Photo Specifications

You need one photo when you renew or apply for a new passport. The photo must meet our specifications.

Providing and acceptable passport photo will help alleviate delays in the processing of your passport application.

Guidelines for a Passport Photo

Actual photo size of 2 inches x 2 inches

  • Proportionate size of actual image to actual photo size – head size a maximum 80% of the photo (1.41″) and minimum 70% of the photo (1.25″).
  • Photo must be less that 6 months old.
  • The photo shall show a close-up of the applicant’s head and top of the shoulders.
  • The face shall look directly at the camera with both ears showing and shall take up 70-80 percent of the photo size in length.
  • The head must be captured in the center of the actual picture size, with a clear gap around the sides and top of the head (this includes hair).
  • Open eyes (no squinting).
  • Mouth must be closed.
  • A neutral facial expression must be maintained (no smiling or frowning).
  • The visibility of the eyes are important (no hair across the face or eyes).
  • Minimal facial jewelry so it does not reflect light in the photo or prove a distraction except for religious, cultural, or medical justification
  • No glasses, tinted shades or sunglasses.
  • Photo must be in focus, with no red-eye and no reflected light on the face.
  • Photo must be a true image, not altered in any way.
  • Photo must have adequate brightness and contrast.
  • High quality colour showing natural skin tones
  • No sleeveless shirts or tank tops. Chest area must be covered.
  • No camouflage tops, military or government uniforms.
  • No head coverings except for religious, cultural, or medical justification.

Black and white photos are not acceptable

  • The background must be a white background.
  • The lighting shall be uniform with no shadows or reflections on the face or in the background.
  • There must be contrast between image and background (e.g. No white shirt on a white background, etc.).
  • Photos should be printed on high quality paper with high resolution.