Temporary Employment Permit

If you intend to work in Belize you must apply for a Temporary Employment Permit and you need to be residing in Belize. 

The submission of the application is to be done at any Labour Department Office. For details on requirements and application process visit your nearest Labour Department Office or click here to visit the website. In order to submit a Temporary Employment Permit application with the Labour Department you must hold a valid passport and a valid Belize visa.

Step 1: Submission of Application

Make application submission at the Labour Department. 

If you are employed, your employer must make the submission on your behalf.

If you are self-employed you must make the submission.

Step 2: Notification of Application Status

Within 30 days you will receive a call from the Labour Department to inform you on the status of your application.

On approval of application, you must visit the Labour Department Office to receive a copy of the approval letter.

On denied application, you must visit the Labour Department Office and receive a copy of your letter of denial and present yourself to the Immigration Office to update your legal status.

Step 3: Visit the Immigration Office

You must visit the Immigration Office and bring along the approval letter for the permit to be processed.

You will be informed of the temporary employment permit fees which must be paid at the Immigration Office.

You will be informed to go to the nearest Belize Tax Service to request an Income Tax Letter.

Step 4: Issuance of Permit

You must present your valid passport, proof of payment and Income Tax letter to the Immigration Office as stated on the approval letter.

The permit is issued immediately upon confirmation of payment.

Then you must proceed to visit the Social Security Office to apply for your card.

Temporary Employment Permits are issued either for

  • one week or less
  • one crop season
  • one year
Profession Duration Fee
A. Professional Workers (Holders of University Degree) One Year $3000.00
B. Technical Workers One Year $3000.00
C. General Workers/Farmhands (in the banana, sugar and citrus industries, other than seasonal agricultural) One Year $1500.00
D. Seasonal Agricultural Workers One Crop Season $150.00
E. General Workers (in all other industries not covered by C or D) One Year $750.00
F. Self Employed Workers (in other industries not covered under in G i. e. owners or managers) One Year $3000.00
G. Self Employed Workers in the agricultural industry One Year $2000.00
H. Entertainers performing in groups of two or more persons but whose group consists of less than six persons One Week or less $1000.00
I. Entertainers performing in groups of six persons or more One Week or less $1500.00
J. Entertainers performing alone One week or less $600.00
K. Religious, cultural, educational and voluntary workers One Year $200.00
L. Import/Export Traders One Year $1500.00
M. Pedlars One Year $1000.00
N. Waitresses and Domestics One Year $1000.00

Persons who may qualify for Temporary Employment Permit approvals must fall under one of the following categories.

Professional Workers (Holders of University Degree)

  • Managers
  • Technical oversight officers
  • Technical officer 
  • Directors
  • Realtor

Technical Workers

  • Cashiers
  • Supervisors
  • Mechanic

General Workers

  • Banana, Sugar or Citrus Industry Farm Hands
  • Cook 
  • Caretakers
  • Maintenance 
  • Cleaner
  • Farm caretaker
  • Farm assistant

Other than agriculture workers

Seasonal Agriculture Workers

  • one crop season 

Self employed workers

  • Director
  • Business Owners
  • Corporate oversight officer
  • Technical officer

Self employed workers in the agricultural industry

  • owners or mangers of farms


  • entertainers performing in groups of 2 or more persons but less than 6 – (performing one week or less)
  • entertainers performing in groups of 6 or more (performing one week or less)
  • entertainers performing alone (performing one week or less)

Religious or Cultural, Educational Volunteers

  • Pastors
  • Missionaries
  • Certified music teachers

Import and Export Traders


  • self employed vendors

Waitress and Domestics

  • Permit are issued on exceptional cases only.