Student Permit

Persons interested in achieving and education in Belize must obtain a valid student permit before commencing a school year or semester.


Fees with effect from 1 May 2020.

Students enrolled at Primary and Secondary Level the permit is issued for one school year

Students enrolled at Tertiary Level the student permit is issued for one semester.

All fees are in Belize dollar

National Duration Fee
People’s Republic of China One school year or semester  BZ$3000.00
India, Nepal, Thailand and Burma Bangladesh, Pakistan & Sri Lanka One school year or semester  BZ$750.00
All other nationals One school year or semester BZ$200.00

How to Apply

You must apply at the Immigration Office providing the following supporting documents. The application is processed on submission and a Student Permit sticker is placed on the student passport.

  1. Letter from the institution of study
  2. Letter of Financial Support
  3. Photographs
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Letter of Authority
  6. Passport
  7. Proof of Belizean Identity or Sponsor’s Immigration Status
  8. Recent Bank Statement
  9. 1 year return ticket
Letter from the institution of study

The letter of the institution of study must state the duration of study, program and institution details.

Letter of Financial Support

A letter of Financial Support must be present either by the Parent or Sponsor, the letter must be signed by a Justice of the Peace accompanied by $1.50 Belize postage stamp


The student must provide two photographs, with the following specifications

  • size of 2 x 2 inches
  • must have been taken within the last 6 months
Birth Certificate

You must submit a Birth Certificate.

If birth certificate in languages other than English must be translated by proper authority and signed.

Letter of authority from parent or guardian

A letter of authority must be presented if a Sponsor if applying on behalf of the parent or guardian.

The letter of authority has to state that the parent is authorizing the sponsor to apply for the student permit not exceeding one year or semester.

Parents appearing on the student’s birth certificate have to sign the letter of authority or the legal guardian(s) appearing on legal documents.


The student must submit a valid passport and a copy of the biographic passport page.

Proof of Belizean Identity or Sponsor’s Immigration Status

If student is being sponsored, the sponsor must present proof of Belizean Identity or Immigration legal status.

Proof of Belizean Identity

  1. Belize Passport
  2. Belize Nationality Certificate
  3. Voter’s Identification Card
  4. Social Security Card

Proof of Immigration Status (Non – Belizeans)

  1. Permanent Residence
  2. Temporary Employment Permit


Recent Bank Statement

If the student is being sponsored, the sponsor must provide a recent bank statement to show financial stability.

1 year return ticket

If you are studying at a tertiary institution and you from an extra regional country your must provide a 1 year return ticket.