Vacancy Notice

Refugees Department in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) – Belize Office

Applications are invited for suitably qualified persons to fill two (2) positions,

of Refugee Eligibility Clerk under a contractual arrangement for one (1) year with the Refugee Department, Office of the Prime Minister, and Ministry of Finance, Economic Development, and Investment, Civil Aviation and Immigration, Belmopan.


Responsible for conducting interviews and other relevant research to assess asylum claims and for the preparation of written reports of assessments conducted to determine Refugee Status; submits reports to the Refugee Eligibility Committee for the review and consideration of Refugee Status applications.


The Refugee Eligibility Clerk is required to review all applications submitted to the Refugees Department by persons seeking asylum in Belize. The incumbent conducts the relevant research and security checks of applications and supporting documents received at the Refugees Department. The incumbent researches country of origin information, applicable laws and regulations, requests background checks and conducts thorough interviews with asylum seekers and relevant family members to gather detailed and accurate information to further analyze applicants’ eligibility for the granting of Refugee Status under Belize’s Refugee Act, Chapter 165 of the Laws of Belize.


A. Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. REVIEWS each application file and prepares for interview session with individuals and required members of families seeking asylum by engaging in research of relevant Country of Origin Information and other additional documents to adjudicate asylum claims.

2. COUNSELS asylum seekers on the Refugee Status Determination process and the asylum seekers’/refugees’ rights and responsibilities.

3. ASSISTS with identification of asylum-seekers with vulnerabilities who need urgent intervention and apprises Director of such so that the issue can be resolved.

4. CONDUCTS eligibility interviews of new asylum seekers for Refugee Status Determination and family members in the application, in a thorough yet compassionate manner, using a range of interviewing techniques, to gather sufficiently accurate and detailed information to assess eligibility for Refugee Status.

5. CONDUCTS process to request security/background checks on asylum-seekers as a part of the process in adjudicating claims; carries out follow-up research to verify information gleaned from interviews as needed.

6. ANALYZES the information gathered during interviews, identifies, and uses other relevant documentation such as Country of Origin Information and security check; and interprets and applies appropriate policies, regulations, statutes, to make eligibility determinations.

7. PREPARES objective, well-argued, and reasoned assessments and recommendations with supporting evidence for granting refugee status to asylum seeker, in accordance with the Belize Refugees Act, for forwarding to the Refugees Eligibility Committee for their deliberation in granting Refugee Status to asylum seekers.

8. SUPPORTS the work of the Department and the Refugee Eligibility Committee in preparing well documented assessments to guide and inform decision making processes; attends monthly meetings of the Refugee Eligibility Committee so as to be consulted and/or make clarification on matters relating to Refugees Status Determination Reports submitted for their consideration.

9. SUBMITS monthly reports providing information on the status of all claims, discrepancies resolved, countries of origin, number of cases, noted trends and other related data to the Director, Refugees Department.


Minimum of Associate Degree in Social Work, Law, International Relations, Political Science, Social Sciences, or related field.

Must be fluent in written and spoken English and Spanish languages.


Working experience in interviewing, counselling, conducting research, report writing skills and application of relevant interviewing procedures and principles.


Good analytical skills and must demonstrate the communication skills required to interact productively with Public Service officials, officials of government agencies, other stakeholders, refugees/asylum seekers and the public. Specialized proficiency in the use of computer applications for word processing, spreadsheet development, electronic form creation, power point presentation and related.


The Refugee Eligibility Clerk functions under the direct supervision of the Refugee Eligibility Officer.


Basic Salary of $15,908 per annum on a contractual basis for one (1) year.


Application Package should contain:

  1. Cover letter briefly explaining interest, experience, and competence in the area.
  2. Comprehensive Résumé
  3. Copy of degrees/certificates
  4. List of at least two references
  5. Copy of valid social security card.

Interested persons in possession of the required qualifications for the post are invited to submit a complete application package via email to or directly to the Refugees Department, Belmopan no later than Friday, 26th April 2024 or to the following address:

Refugees Department
Mountain View Boulevard
Belmopan City
Vacancy – Refugee Eligibility Clerk