Amnesty 2022

What Documents You Need?

All applicants are required to submit the following documents

  • Completed Amnesty Permanent Residence Application Form

    • Only one application form is required per family.
    • Must be signed by a Commissioner of Supreme Court / Justice of the Peace / Community Leader
  • Belize Police Record for applicant and children (12) twelve years and over

  • Personal Identity document

    • Passport or
    • Birth Certificate accompanied with a Cedula or Documento Unico de Identidad (DUI)
  • Medical Certificate.

    • The official immigration medical certificate to be used.
    • Can be done at any government or private health institution.
  • HIV, VDRL and TB Laboratory tests for adults and children 12 years and above

    • Can be done at any government or private health institution.
  • Two passport size photographs for all applicants.

    • Size 2 inches by 2 inches
    • White Background
    • Taken within 6 months
    • Both ears must be visible
  • If dependents are included, complete dependent section on the form and submit letters of financial support for each dependent.

    • The official immigration letter of financial support must be used.
    • This must be accompanied by $1.50 postage stamps.

In addition to the above documents, specific documents in relation to the criteria the applicant is applying for must also be presented on submission of application.

  1. Official letter from the Department of Refugees signed and sealed by the Director of Refugees indicating the file registration number and personal particulars of applicant (and family)

Any two listed below

  1. Complete copy of passport used to enter Belize that shows date of arrival.
  2. Complete copy of any travel document used to enter Belize.
  3. Any temporary document obtained during this period.
  4. Any form of legal tender document obtained since residing in Belize (land certificate/lease, trade licenses, company registration certificate)
  5. Certificate(s) from any institution of learning.
  1. Child(ren) original Belize Birth Certificate issued by the Belize Vital Statistical Unit which must include the name of the parent.
  2. Proof of residing in Belize (i.e. travel documents, temporary travel permits, legal tenders, etc. obtained while in Belize)
  1. Proof of continuous residence in Belize(i.e. travel documents, temporary travel permits, legal tenders, etc. obtained while in Belize)

Any of the below requirements

  1. Primary School Certificate
  2. High School Diploma
  3. Certified letter from educational institution along with report cards
  4. Certified school transcript from educational institution
  1. Married Certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Unit
  2. Spouse Belize Photo Identification (Belize Social Security Card, Belize Voters Registration
    Card, Belize Passport)

Spouse Proof of Belizean Nationality in the form of

  1. Spouse’s Belize Birth Certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Unit or
  2. Spouse’s Belize Nationality Certificate if applicant was not born in Belize

If spouse is deceased

  1. Death Certificate if spouse is deceased (issued by the Vital Statistics Unit)
  1. Statutory Declaration along with a photo identification and proof of relations from either parent or sibling of the Belizean Spouse attesting knowledge of union.
  2. Statutory declaration by both parties of the union attesting that neither have been previously married.
  3. Any record of joint business ventures (business registration certificate, trade license certificate, real estate documents)

Belizean Documents of Partner

  • Belizean spouse birth certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Unit and photo I.D. or
  • Belizean Spouse’s Belize Nationality Certificate along with one of the following Belizean Official Documents (Passport, Social Security Card or Voters identification Card)
minors/adolescence and victims of human trafficking

  1. Official letter of referral, sealed and signed by the Chief Executive Officer or the Director of Human Services.

You can provide the following documents

  1. Temporary Employment Permits
  2. Social Security Contribution History


  1. Salary Slips
  2. Social Security Contribution History
  3. Statutory Declaration from self and employer(s)
  4. Photo identification of employer(s)